About Us


Our obsession with nut butter has been a lifelong journey. Nut butters have sustained us on transcontinental bike treks, marathon rowing sessions on the Schuylkill River, "sick day" mountain hikes in the Green Mountains, steep and deep days in the powder, and yes, even tedious days on the job. 

After spending so much time with the stuff, we naturally started to think of ways to make our favorite human fuel even better. Thus, one night after practice, Reinberger Nut Butter was born.

We've carefully curated a range of foodstuffs to complement and accentuate our nut butter. While the focus is, and always will be, on producing excellent nut butter, our objective extends far beyond that noble goal. 

Our mission is for our product to accompany you on your journeys to come. We want to make the shortlist of essentials that fit into the pack before your next excursion, whether it's Walden Pond, a transatlantic voyage, or a leisurely picnic. And because we believe that the best inspiration always comes from nature, Reinberger is deeply committed to environmental and social responsibility, and we always seek the most ecologically sound options for our foods, packaging, and shipping.


You can now find the world's great nut butter at these physical store locations.

  1. Riverwards Produce

    2200 E. Norris St, Phila, PA

  2. Weavers Way Coop

    8424 Germantown Ave, Phila, PA

    559 Carpenter Lane, Phila, PA

  3. Vault + Vine

    3507 Midvale Ave, Phila, PA

  4. East Falls Farmers Market

    4100 Ridge Ave

  5. Riverbend Cycles
    1 Station Ave, Conshohocken, PA