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reinberger all natural nut butter pouch
reinberger all natural nut butter pouch
reinberger all natural nut butter pouch
reinberger all natural nut butter pouch
reinberger all natural nut butter pouch

Original Grind Pouch - 2 x 8 ounce pouches

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New Look, Same Grind

No utensils? No problem. Reinberger's all natural nut butter pouch packs our favorite Original Grind nut butter in an easy to carry flexible container that customers love.

Perfect for the adventurer, athlete, or foodie on the go, our Original Grind nut butter pouch is an easy to carry alternative to our glass jars. Ideal for stashing in a backpack or pocket, pouches are a perfect way to enjoy one of Reinberger's best selling snacks no matter where you are - just knead, squeeze, and go.

And of course, we're retaining the same amazing recipe we've always used - all nuts and no junk. Original Grind looks great alongside our other all-natural varieties - check out Absolutely Almonds, Cranberry Craze, and Purely Peanuts options for more treats your customers will love!

Sustainable Love

Even though we're expanding, Reinberger stays true to our sustainability goals by partnering with a global leader in difficult to recycle plastics. We offer customers $1 off their next purchase for each pouch that is responsibly returned to Reinberger for proper disposal, or customers can find one of the many drop-off locations listed here to complete their own recycling mission.

About Reinberger

Five years ago, two teammates with Olympic dreams started their own nut butter company to make the perfect snack for their workouts. Today, the company and the dream are still alive, and growing every day. Not only did we develop a wholesome and nutritious food for athletes - we created a delicious treat that food enthusiasts around the country love.

At Reinberger, an athlete and LGBT+ owned company, our products always follow three simple rules:
•Naturally made using simple ingredients, and always without any added oils, refined sugars, or salts.
•Fully shelf stable, making them the perfect item for the pantry or for your next great adventure.
•Tested extensively by our Olympic-level teammates and friends for the highest standards in taste and nutrition.

Interested in bringing the world's best all natural nut butter to your store? Check out our FarmConnex listings for Vermont locals, or our Mable store for $100 in free products, Net-45 payments, and more great savings.


Peanuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts, sunflower seeds,  hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, and pecans. Nuts roasted in peanut oil.

Sold in a pack of 2 eight ounce pouches.