LIMITED OFFER - all orders placed by Sunday include a free jar of Aboslutely Almonds!

Welcome to Loop!

We're beyond stoked to announce that we'v been able to partner with Loop store, a (fairly) radical idea about how we should get our food and take care of our planet.

While we could explain it ourselves, we'll let Tom Szaky directly, Loop's founder, do the talking. "Loop was designed from the ground-up to reinvent the way we consume by leveraging the sustainable, circular milkman model of yesterday with the convenience of e-commerce." What does that mean for you? It means that if you're purchasing Reinberger Nut Butter through the Loop store, we'll be able to take back our jars to refill and return them time and time again.

If you live in the Mid-Atlantic region of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Washington, D.C., then head on over to the Loop store to sign up and learn about another great way to get our nut butters delivered right to you!