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Nutty Beginnings

Place: Boston, Massachusetts

Date: Late October

Characters: Luke Rein & Joseph Berger

The Head of the Charles Regatta is the largest rowing race on Earth. Tens of thousands of competitors race down the Charles River through Cambridge beneath the Elliot, Weeks, and Anderson Bridges. The Charles, as it is widely referred by rowers everywhere, is known for its fierce competition, accidental carnage around the sharp turns, and the bacchanal revelry that comes with the close of racing.

Early Reinberger Nut Butter

Driving back to Philadelphia we, Luke Rein & Joseph Berger, contemplated the end of the year's racing, the winter of training to come, and the current state of affairs of nut butter. We lamented at the lack of a proper nut butter that could fit in with our taste and lifestyle. There seemed to us to be a gap in the market, a latent need currently unmet. The idea for Reinberger Nut Butter was born.

Back at home (an old monastery filled with elite rowers just a few miles from the iconic Boathouse Row in Philadelphia), we two new partners in the industry started experimenting. One thing led to another, and the cast of characters in the jar quickly grew to include more than just nuts; peanuts were joined by cashews, almonds, sunflower seeds, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, and pecans, as well as an extended ensemble of other healthful additions. We kept imagining the exact taste that would satiate our hunger in different scenarios. What would go best with a mountain summit after a long hike? What would cap off an afternoon bike ride? What would kickstart our next adventures?

You'll see our currently available offerings in the store. They are our favorite concoctions and we hope they bring as much joy to you as we imagined they would on that long ride home from Boston. We look forward to hearing where you and Reinberger Nut Butter adventure to, and what great new memories you bring back with the empty jar.