LIMITED OFFER - all orders placed by Sunday include a free jar of Aboslutely Almonds!


The executive board of Reinberger Nut Butter spent the Easter weekend travelling to the great state of Rhode Island to visit the Rein clan, attend mass, learn about beekeeping, and stare out pensively into the indigo waters of the Narragansett Bay.

As per tradition, we again used the ride back to Philadelphia as our boardroom and made a few key decisions :

  1. People should spend the time to listen to an album from beginning to end.
  2. Reinberger Nut Butter should strive to be Environmentally Positive* (i.e. we're going to treat mother earth like it's our own backyard).
  3. Reinberger Nut Butter, and our mission could use an even better logo to get behind.

We took a long time considering our logo update. Our objective was to stick out from the crowd and clearly show the customer who we are as a company. We chose to keep the mountain for several reasons, not the least being that Reinberger approximately translates to "clean mountain dweller". The mountain also conveys our affinity for nature; spending time in it, and for using our business to protect and nurture it.

The font change and rich cyan background reflect our art history research. We were particularly influenced by the Bauhaus school and it's application of simple design aimed at functionality. Reinberger's logo should clearly state what it is, leaving no doubt that you the customer are in for a tasty adventure.

Is it perfect? No, and it'll never be. We here at Reinberger have no sacred cows, and we are committed to constantly retooling erverything to better hit our target of you know...saving the world through tasty nut butter. That being said, we'll be using the old logo for upcoming orders until those labels run out, so here's a chance to get some collectible first generation Reinberger Nut Butter jars!

*we're kinda sure we're inventing this term.