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East Bay Food Pantry Fundraiser with Reinberger Nut Butter and East Bay Rowing

Besides helping to support international caliber athletes, Reinberger Nut Butter also is excited to be able to aid local communities through fundraising, donation, and volunteer efforts. Last week, we worked with East Bay Rowing to raise over $300 for the East Bay Food Pantry, a nonprofit dedicated to engaging, educating, and empowering residents of eastern Rhode Island to create a hunger-free community. 

In addition to providing traditional shelf-stable and preserved food to patrons, the East Bay Food Pantry improves on the traditional food pantry staples by providing fresh produce to its clients each Friday- providing the valuable nutrients found in fresh foods that may be absent from shelf- stable choices. With groups like the Rhode Island Community Food Bank and the East Bay Cares program, Reinberger is proud to be able to make a difference in peoples' lives and give back to the community that helped us to grow.