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Changes in Latitude...

But not changes in attitude. Over the past few months, we have switched up a few things here at Reinberger; they're big changes, but we're making them for a reason. and we think they are already letting us grow beyond what we ever thought when we started the company.

First things first, we're excited to say that we've brought Reinberger back home, swapping a church kitchen in Philadelphia (shown above) for a real, proper food preparation kitchen in Warren, Rhode Island! Why? As compared to our previous location, Hope & Main offers:

  • Business development lessons.
  • Great community of makers.
  • On-site storage.
  • Stronger relationships with suppliers and distributors
  • Greater production capacity

All of these are very compelling reasons for the move, especially as we've seen our business grow tremendously with Loop's online grocery store, which has been grooving along nicely for the last six months and continues to show great promise as we head into 2020. (If you'd like to take a deeper look and listen, check out this interview Reinberger had with KYW news radio in Philadelphia: New Online Store Offers Products in Returnable Containers for Zero-Waste Experience.)

Another great advantage of working with Hope & Main is the wealth of business development information they offer for Reinberger. As a business started by some decidedly non-business folks, we've always been striving to do better with how we design, produce, and market our products. Hope & Main is helping there.

Finally, and most excitingly, Hope & Main offers a number of excellent networking opportunities, allowing us to meet like minded makers, store owners, experts, and distributors, with the ultimate goal of making our butters more affordable and on the shelves in more stores. As always, if you know a place you'd like us to be, please reach out and get in touch!