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Bigger Butter Bundle

BIGGER. Bigger doesn't always mean better, but when it's butter, bigger bundles are the better bet. 

BUTTER. You came, you saw, you ordered...and we noticed that many of you ordered not just the bundle, but also the Original. The Original, seemingly plain, but not so. It's the groundwork to our opus, the latin to our romance, the Hamlet to our Lion King. It's the base of all the beauty in our Reinberger Nut Butters, and we're glad you noticed.

BUNDLE. So, we've built a Bigger Butter Bundle. It's not really all that much bigger, one could argue that it's actually a spread, and we'll probably put it into a box instead of bundling it with twine. Alas, we hope that it will assist in bigger days that go as smooth as butter, bundled together with other likewise magnificent well-spent periods of time to form something special to you.