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Reinberger Nut Butter Recipes, News, and Curiosities

  • New Month, New Stores!

    This month, Reinberger Nut Butter landed in two new Rhode Island markets.
  • Giving Back with Reinberger Nut Butter

    In case you hadn't noticed, Reinberger is a company all about empowering people to achieve their best. But what if we aren't all starting from the ...
  • Reinberger's Visual History

    A visual history of America’s leading all-natural nut butter company.
  • RBNB's Best Nut Butter Cookies

    "What makes this peanut butter cookie recipe The Best?" That's a question Bon Appetit's top-notch baking squad asked themselves before they set out on an epic culinary quest. While they experimented valiantly, they ultimately fell short by limiting themselves in one crucial department: the nuts.

  • Locals Only?

    Looking for the best way to stock up on our delicious, shelf-stable, all-natural nut butter? Right this way, folks.
  • In Fast Company

    After partnering with Loop's sustainability-focused distribution network, we're looking forward to working closely with additional retailers to bring our reusable packaging to their shelves in 2020.

  • Changes in Latitude...

    But not changes in attitude.
  • Welcome to Loop!

    Sustainable energy rich foods plus sustainably designed packaging and distribution - together at last.
  • Traveler's Treat Nut Butters

    These easy to make bars are a great on-the-go snack, and also make a fantastic breakfast granola. Vegan, gluten-free, and raw, they're low in ad...
  • E-commerce and Eco-Friendly

    Maybe you've noticed that Reinberger Nut Butter is different from a lot of products you might find online. Or maybe you know Joseph and Luke perso...
  • East Bay Food Pantry Fundraiser with Reinberger Nut Butter and East Bay Rowing

    Besides helping to support international caliber athletes, Reinberger Nut Butter also is excited to be able to aid local communities through fundr...
  • Is Reinberger Nut Better Gluten Free?

    A. Yep. Here is a list of all the ingredients in our kitchen. None of them are gluten. None of them contain gluten. Therefore, we are gluten free....